Because something is happening in our society.

Let’s talk about it.

Walk A Silent Mile is a movement that connects people.

We walk and talk about what is happening in the world right now and how we can contribute to a positive change.

What is our unifying factor?

The world changes at a fast speed. Freedom, democracy and compassion are not as obvious as thought. We would like to contribute to a positive change in our society. We listen to each other and respect each others views.


Where and when do we walk?

We start on Sundays at 11:55 AM and walk seven laps around a central building such as a town hall or church. The start time is symbolic because we feel it is five to twelve in our democracy. We are “silent” because we don’t protest and shout.


Do you join?

We are walking in various villages and cities throughout the country. Check the overview of locations to see whether you can join somewhere nearby. Of course you can also start a Walk A Silent Mile in your hometown.


Share your message

Do you like to share your vision on the change you would like to see in our society? You can use our Walk a Silent Mile cards (available in English and Dutch). You can find the card in ourdownloads section. You can share these cards online or during the walks you can use printed cards and encourage the participants to leave a message.


How did Walk A Silent Mile come about?

On Sunday 28 March, the first Walk A Silent Mile was held in Enschede to talk about a situation concering the Dutch politician Pieter Omtzigt. Threehundred people attended the walk and spoke about how it could have happened that Pieter Omtzigt, who stood up for the rights of people who were unlawfully fined by tax authorities, had been sidelined within our democratic system. This attracted widely varied forms of media attention. The walk in Enschede was followed in various other places. Apart from the situation concerning Omtzigt, there are various conversation topics that are linked to the question: what about our democracy? Look for inspiration at the possible conversation topics