Take action

Would you like to meet people who are, just like you, worried about our democratic values? Would you like to connect with people in order to share thoughts on which changes are needed? Or would you like to make plans with other people about what you can do for your society? You can start by initiating a Walk a Silent Mile. It’s easy to organize.


This is how you can start a Walk A Silent Mile.

  • Announce that you are going to walk and where. You can announce this on social media and/or approach local press. Approaching local media could be relevant when you are dedicating the walk to a special theme or current situation. You could also invite people who play key roles in local organizations, for example members of the city council.
  • Use #walkasilentmile and #namecity on social media. Follow us on Linkedin and Facebook.
  • Bring post cards that particpants can use to share their vision on the changes that need to be made in our society. You can use the cards in our Downloads section. Bring (a kind of) mailbox to post the cards. For example at some Walks a yellow milk churn has been used as mailbox.
  • You will be there around 11:30 am.
  • Start walking at 11:55 am.
  • You talk with the others along the way.
  • After 7 laps or at 12:55 you stop walking .
  • Find a cafe for coffee, tea, etc.
  • Make agreements if needed.
  • In case the Walk is dedicated to a local topic, you can offer the cards to an involved key person or organization. Or is it about national topics? Send an e-mail to info@walkasilentmile.nl in order to agree upon the destination of the cards.

Need help?

Send your question to info@walkasilentmile.nl. Also when support is needed for approaching the local media.