Let's talk about

During the walks we talk about many subjects. Do you worry about a current situation or a specific theme? You can dedicate the Walk to a special theme. The following subjects have been discussed during past walks.


  • Citizen’s society – the governement is integrated in the society. It’s not acting on a hierarchically higher level.
  • Transparency– of goverment, Freedom of Information Act



  • Fair distribution – Strict rules about competetitive forces in the market.
  • Righteous in money matters – Banks are serving citizen’s interests, taxes have to be paid according to how strong the shoulders are.
  • Habitants own the country – Restoration of ownership of geographical and financial goods.
  • Oikos Nomos – Economy is like a well run household.


International cooperation

  • Together with the neighbours – International cooperation organized by local communities (no union).



  • Freedom of speech – Every viewpoint can be heard and seen



  • Talent education – Education system that works in favour of exploring your talents.



  • Taking control – Ownership of personal data.


Constitutional state

  • Democratic constitutional state – Restore or preferably build a true democratic constitutional state.
  • Constitutional court – One that verifies whether laws are based on the constitution as we can’t solely depend on the convention on human rights.



  • Mother earth – A nature based food sector, restoration of soil and groundwater.



  • Care – as public good good, fair distribution
  • Youth care – one that really cares for all persons that are involved.
  • Mental Health Care – restoration and clear division of responsibilities.

This list will be updated with new suggestions about changes that need to be made in our society. You can send new suggstions to info@walkasilentmile.nl.